Emotional Literacy Floor Sheets

My first work with emotional literacy was with upper primary and secondary pupils who often cringed or just refused to talk about their feelings. I discovered that they were often more willing to engage if we talked about body sensations. That is, ‘what happens in your body when you are angry?’ The question certainly gives then something to think about and their focus is diverted away from confronting feelings head on.

When children are acquiring language in their early years the word ‘feeling’ hopefully isn’t an issue for them so with this in mind a second sheet with Thinking, Doing and Feeling is available. However, as you know your children well whether they are family or those you work with you will know what suits them best.

Each sheet comes with a set of instructions so can be used one to one or with small groups. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool indicating where some children need further in-depth support and I am able to offer training for this.


Both Emotional Literacy Floor Sheets 1270mm x 835mm are available from Anthea Harding.
E-Mail mail@antheaharding.co.uk
Cost £30 each + p & p.